CVS will no longer comply with controlled substances regulations from some telehealth companies

CVS will no longer comply with controlled substances regulations from some telehealth companies

CVS pharmacies will no longer fulfill prescriptions for controlled substances ordered by healthcare professionals who work for two telehealth companies.
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Digital mental health providers are now facing another challenge: CVS says will no longer fulfill recipes from telehealth company Brain and ready health.

Mental health care was at the height of something big: providing for the needy (especially during a pandemic) with the help of applications and digital services specializing in therapy and psychiatry. Cerebral – a telehealth tech startup that deals mainly with the treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia – is (or has been) at the forefront of this movement as one of the most famous names in the digital mental health space. Done Health is another, specializing in the treatment of ADHD. However, these companies they encounter a snag in an effort to help their patients. CVS confirmed to Gizmodo that the pharmacy chain will no longer follow the prescriptions of controlled substances such as Adderall, ordered by providers working for Cerebral and Done Health.

“We are committed to making mental health services as accessible and comfortable as possible,” CVS said in an email. CVS explained that it had inspected certain telehealth companiesand is indicated There are concerns about prescribing in both Brain and ready health. “As a result of not being able to address the concerns we have with Cerebral and Done Health, effective May 26, 2022, CVS Pharmacy will no longer accept prescriptions for controlled substances issued by these companies.” The decision surprised Cerebel, who said they did not know about the decision before yesterday.

“On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 24, we learned that CVS will no longer comply with Cerebral regulations for controlled substances, effective Thursday, May 26,” Cerebral Gizmodo said in an email. Despite CVS Surprising announcement, Cerebral claims they will still work on Help any of their patients affected by CVS decision. “In light of the CVS decision, Cerebral is doing everything in its power to provide these patients with access to the medications their healthcare providers have determined they need.”

This is not the first pass on Cerebral prescription practices. The The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether the execution violated the controlElectronic Substances Act, according to a report from Man from the inside.

Even before CVS took action this week, other pharmacies did already stopped or delayed filling recipes from Cerebral and Done due to fears that their doctors were issuing too many prescriptions for stimulants. The Wall Street Journal also reported that Walmart Inc. began blocking some regulations associated with Done earlier this year also.

Done Health did not respond immediately to our request for comment.


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