Clark's late brace is fourth for Dundee Utd

Clark’s late brace is fourth for Dundee Utd

Regan Charles-Cook finished the season as the league’s top scorer

Dundee United secured fourth place in the Scottish Premiership – and invaded the field from their fans – after the dramatic late winner Nicky Clark against Ross County.

Blair Spittal’s loudmouth gave the County a lead, but the advantage didn’t last long and Clark scored from the spot a few minutes later.

The draw was all that United needed to jump over Motherwell, but Clark’s intervention in the 89th minute caused a stormy scene on the field and secured United the highest league position since 2014.

Fourth place means that the Tam Courtse team will secure another £ 500,000 and enter the Europa Conference League qualification in the third round.

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Ross County

  1. Platoon number21Player nameMunro

  2. Platoon number2Player nameRandall

  3. Platoon number20Player nameDrysdale

  4. Platoon number5Player nameBaldwin

  5. Platoon number3Player nameVokin

  6. Platoon number24Player namePaton

  7. Platoon number32Player nameMackinnon

  8. Platoon number23Player nameHungbo

  9. Platoon number7Player nameSpittal

  10. Platoon number17Player nameCharles-Cook

  11. Platoon number26Player nameWhite

  1. Platoon number6Player namePaton

  2. Platoon number11Player nameSims

  3. Platoon number30Player nameWright

Dundee United

  1. Platoon number1Player nameSiegrist

  2. Platoon number2Player nameBlacksmith

  3. Platoon number12Player nameEdwards

  4. Platoon number29Player nameGraham

  5. Platoon number22Player nameFreeman

  6. Platoon number17Player nameMeekison

  7. Platoon number4Player nameMulgrew

  8. Platoon number19Player nameLevitt

  9. Platoon number33Player nameMcMann

  10. Platoon number10Player nameClark

  11. Platoon number32Player nameWatt

  1. Platoon number6Player nameMcDonald’s

  2. Platoon number7Player nameNiskanen


Ross County

Formation 4-2-3-1

  • 21Munro
  • 2RandallReplaced byWrightin 84 ‘minutes
  • 20Drysdale
  • 5BaldwinReserved for 90 minutes
  • 3Vokin
  • 24Paton
  • 32MackinnonReplaced byPatonin 53 ‘minutes
  • 23Hungbo
  • 7Spittal
  • 17Charles-CookReplaced bySimsin 52 ‘minutes
  • 26White


  • 1Laidlaw
  • 6Paton
  • 10Samuel
  • 11Sims
  • 18Burroughs
  • 19Ramsay
  • 22Tillson
  • 30Wright
  • 34MacLeman

Dundee Utd

Formation 3-5-2

  • 1Siegrist
  • 2Blacksmith
  • 12Edwards
  • 29Graham
  • 22Freeman
  • 17MeekisonReplaced byMcDonald’sin 80 ‘minutes
  • 4Mulgrew
  • 19Levitt
  • 33McMannReplaced byNiskanenin 55 ‘minutes
  • 10Clark
  • 32Watt


  • 3Spörle
  • 6McDonald’s
  • 7Niskanen
  • 13Eriksson
  • 20Neilson
  • 26Mochrie
  • 46Thomson
  • 58Anim Cudjoe

Nick Walsh

5,165 th most common

Live text

  1. The second half ends, Ross County 1, Dundee United 2.

  2. Jack Baldwin (Ross County) is shown a yellow card for a foul.

  3. Dundee United’s Nicky Clark swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors’ defense were able to clear the ball.

  4. Jack Baldwin’s foul (Ross County).

  5. Roh, Dundee United. Admitted Declan Drysdale.

  6. Soccer goal! Ross County 1, Dundee United 2. Nicky Clark (Dundee United) shoots with his right foot from very close to the center of the goal. Assist: Kieran Freeman.

  7. Tony Watt’s foul (Dundee United).

  8. Ross County’s Ben Paton swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors’ defense were able to clear the ball.

  9. Attempt blocked. Tony Watt’s head (Dundee United) from the left side of the six-yard box is blocked. Assist: Charlie Mulgrew with a cross.

  10. Roh, Dundee United. Ben Paton admitted.

  11. The attempt failed. Ross Graham’s head (Dundee United) came from very close. Assist: Dylan Levitt with the center around the corner.

  12. Roh, Dundee United. Jack Baldwin admitted.

  13. The attempt failed. Kevin McDonald (Dundee United) shot from the right foot from outside, but missed from the left. Assist: Charlie Mulgrew.

  14. Substitution, Ross County. Matthew Wright replaces Connor Randall.

  15. Substitution, Dundee United. Kevin McDonald replaces Archie Meekison.

  16. Archie Meekison’s foul (Dundee United).

  17. Ross County’s Josh Sims swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors’ defense were able to clear the ball.

  18. Offside, Ross County. Ross Munro tries to break in, but Harrison Paton is caught offside.

  19. Foul by Ilmari Niskanen (Dundee United).

  20. Joseph Hungbo (Ross County) gets a direct kick on the attacking half.

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