Chelsea vs Liverpool: FA Cup Final – Live!

80 min It seems that Jota fouled Chalobah 20 yards from the goal, but referee Craig Pawson disagrees.

78 min “Watching Pulisic is sometimes a little frustrating,” says Shiladitya Pandit. “The movement and creation of the game are top-notch, perhaps some of the best in the world. But shooting shoes are generally missing and even the timing of the final passes is a bit off, like the one in the first half for Alons.

I know what you mean. At best, he is devastatingly powerful, but he promises more time than he does. However, he is only 23, so he has plenty of time to become clinically.

77 min Liverpool breaks five to four from the corner of Chelsea. Jota’s pass to Diaz is cut out by the heroic James, who then takes one for the team by eliminating Thiag. He is booked.

76 min Pulisic turns away from Konate in the area and is about to shoot when Alexander-Arnold arrives on the blind to perform a really good intervention.

75 min Milner’s first notable contribution is to compare Reece James, who beat him to a loose ball in the area.

74 min: Liverpool substitution Naby Keita is replaced by James Milner in the middle of the advance.

73 min “I bet Vinicius Jr. loves the performance of Alexander-Arnold, ”says Phil Podolsky.

The fight will be absolutely fascinating.

71 min Chalobah is downstairs, holding her face after shaking hands with Mane. Definitely Chalobah caught, though not with the strength or intent to capture Stockley Park Massive.

69 min Luis Diaz takes Thiag’s pass 20 yards from the goal, almost in line with the left edge of the lime. He moves to his right foot, takes advantage of Robertson by not using him, and hits a curling shot just above the bar. Mind does not matter; Only thanks to Diaz’s imagination is it a pleasure to look at him.

68 min Mount’s Cross is just behind Lukak in the middle. James gets it and calmly chooses Pulisice, whose first shot from the edge of the area flashes a few yards wide.

Reece James plays a stormy game.

67 min Here is Marcos Alonso hitting the pole at the beginning of the second half. I think he meant it, even if I didn’t bet on the farm.

😯 Almost ideal start of the second half @ChelseaFC

You won’t want to miss the other half @EmiratesFACup finals – catch it live here 👇

– ITV Football (@itvfootball) May 14, 2022

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😯 Almost ideal start of the second half @ChelseaFC

You won’t want to miss the other half @EmiratesFACup finals – catch it live here 👇

– ITV Football (@itvfootball) May 14, 2022

66. min: Substitution Chelsea N’Golo Kante replaces Mateo Kovacice, who made an admirable move without getting closer to what he did best.

65 min Thiago picks up a nice pass to find Keita in space in the right channel. He knocked on his chest and rattled a low 18-yard shot that Mendy comfortably saved when he fell to the right.

64 min N’Golo Kante is about to play for Chelsea, probably Kovačič.

65 min Several corners in quick succession for Liverpool, but neither came.

Thels Silva (left) of Chelsea jumps for the ball with Luis Diaz of Liverpool (second from left), Antonio Rudiger of Chelsea (second right) and Ibrahim Konate of Liverpool.
Thels Silva (left) of Chelsea jumps for the ball with Luis Diaz of Liverpool (second from left), Antonio Rudiger of Chelsea (second right) and Ibrahim Konate of Liverpool. Kirsty Wigglesworth / AP Pictures

62 min “Liverpool MUST get the ball to Thiag,” says Richard McGahey. “Chelsea does a good job of limiting him.”

60th minute: Chance for Liverpool! Keita has room to turn around and play a good angular pass to Jota on the border of the area. His first touch is spotless, but the second goes right next to the far rod.

57 min Diaz tries to escape James and finds that it’s not as easy as doing the same Chalobah. Reece James has become a phenomenal all-rounder.

55 min A vital defense against Alexander-Arnold, who stopped James’s low cross reaching Pulisice on the six-yard line. A moment later, James’s curved cross just avoided the stretching Alons.

55 min As with the Carabao Cup final earlier this season, this is one of the better 0-0.

52 min: Just a short distance from Diaz! Another first-class game from the popular homage of Luis Suarez known as Luis Diaz. He gets a short passage on edge D, turns smoothly away from Kovačič and backs up a low ride that goes this far wide. Mendy didn’t move.

Liverpool fans react after Luis Diaz's shot went right next to it.
Liverpool fans react after Luis Diaz’s shot went right next to it. Tom Jenkins / The Guardian Pictures

51 min A bad center from Alexander-Arnold hit Robertson – whom James didn’t sigh when he missed his head – and dribbled out. Alexander-Arnold was also one of the best and worst players on the field. His pass was truly amazing, yet almost every chance of Chelsea came to his side.

48. min: Alonso hits the bar! It was a spectacular start in the second half from Chelsea. They won a direct kick on the right wing, pretty close to the corner flag, and Alonso whipped the extravagant curler, who overcame the jumping Alisson and hit the crossbar!

47 min: Good intervention from Alisson! Alonso plays the ball to Lukaku, who does well when he returns to Konate and feeds Pulisice. He got a shot from around 15 yards out of Alisson. That was much better than Lukaku.

46 min: Just next to Alonso! Chelsea almost scored after 36 seconds of the second half. Pulisic played a pass to Mount, who thought he was offside (which went wrong) and ignored it. This allowed Pulisic to run on his own pass and go deep to Alons. He pulled him to his chest, away from Alexander-Arnold, and ran right next to the far post.

46 min look look! Liverpool starts the second half.

Half-time reading

Half-time: Chelsea 0: 0 Liverpool

look look! No goals at Wembley, although both teams had chances in the relentless arm-wrestling of the first half. Edouard Mendy and Alisson performed excellent interventions by Luis Diaz and Marcos Alonso, while Diogo Jota, Christian Pulisic and Romelu Lukaku missed good opportunities.

Jota is a substitute for Mo Salah, who left with a groin injury /

45 + 2 min “Chelsea deserves great praise for having managed a terrible season,” says Phil Podolsky. “I thought they looked almost unstoppable before the serious injuries of James and Chilwell, which disrupted their entire setup, certainly up there with the two of them.” As a Barca fan, I’m impressed with clubs whose DNA is “we’ll do our best with the hand we’ve got”, as opposed to “we can only play when we’re safe knowing we’re by far the best team in the world.”

I do not know what you mean.

45 + 1 min: Chance for Lukaku! At the other end, he wasted a decent opportunity with Romel Lukak. Jorginho stunned a nice pass through the inner left channel and found Lukaku, who got half a yard on van Dijk, but flew over the pole from 10 yards. A relaxed Lukaku would bury it.

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