Blackbird, Square Peg will team up to create a Blinq business card outfit

Blackbird, Square Peg will team up to create a Blinq business card outfit

“It basically solves a problem that hasn’t been solved on the Internet yet – identity fragmentation,” he says The Australian Financial Review.

“People go to an event, meet someone and can scan and scan their QR code and appear in their contact details. Then, if I update my information, my contacts are updated in real time. “

An expanding hobby

When Mr. Webb launched Blinq as a hobby at the end of 2017, Apple added the ability to scan QR codes in iOS. Android did not introduce this technology until the end of 2019, shortly before the pandemic broke out.

This limited the company’s early adoption because of the experience of sharing details with anyone who didn’t have an iPhone.

Since then, however, its use has risen sharply.

Mr Webb said the company had adopted a freemium model in which users had access to the basic version for free, but had to pay for additional features such as extra cards.

It also registers enterprise customers with a paid version of the product, which provides businesses with a way to easily manage and update their professional identity from the dashboard. For example, if a company moves offices, it can use the dashboard to automatically update the addresses of all employees in their Blinq profiles and email signatures.

Growth areas

Ninety percent of Blinq’s business comes from the United States. The new use often coincides with major US conferences, such as South by Southwest in March.

According to the Blinq website, it is already used by teams in Google, Tesla, Uber and Airwallex.

“We really want to develop a business product and add more business features,” said Mr. Webb.

“And we want to improve email signatures and virtual backgrounds. When we get the first impression, we can focus on the next steps – how to engage someone after you meet them and challenge you to address them again. “

Blackbird Ventures co-founder and partner Rick Baker said, as did Canva, that Blinq had a “great viral loop” where people started using it themselves, spreading word of mouth and moving within the company.

“In the same way that Canva traverses the consumer and B2B worlds, Blinq covers both as well,” he said.

“He has a bottom-up organic sales model where people find it, start using it at home and in their working lives, and then draw it into the organization.

“Blinq is exactly the type of business we’re looking for, and we love it at Blackbird.”

Square Peg Director James Tynan said it was the first major innovation in storing contact information since before the iPhone.

“It’s time for an interconnected layer of identity that never expires,” he said.

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