Bizarre or Quirky? This High-End Brand is Selling Bilkul Phatta Hua Juta For Rs 1.42 Lakh, Internet is Aghast!

Bizarre or bizarre? This top brand sells Bilkul Phatta Hua Juta for 1.42 Lakh Rs, the internet is in shock!

One of Balenciaga’s most famous luxury brands is in the news because it offers a bizarre piece of product. The brand, known for bringing uncompromising standards at a high price, makes headlines with its completely destroyed sneakers. The shoes, which were marketed under their Paris Sneaker collection, are sold in two styles – high-top and backless mule, and the price range starts at $ 495 to $ 1850 (which is approximately Rs 1.42,982).Read Also – How Sabyasachi Indicates White Weddings by Exchanging Gowns for Sarees and Veils

The limited edition shoes have 100 pairs available and are part of the brand’s new campaign. The slogan of this campaign is “sneakers are designed to be worn for life”. Read also – Nora Fatehi does color blocking directly for Rs 79,000 Crop top and thigh slit skirts for Dance Deewane Juniors

In a press release, the Paris-based brand said the shoes in the photos were “extremely worn, torn and dirty.” The shoes have a reworked classic design that interprets mid-century athletics and timeless classic casual wear in black, white or red with a white sole and toe. It is finished with shabby canvas and rough edges that affect the pre-worn appearance, the brand said. Read also – Balenciaga takes Phatte Hue Joote to the next level and launches destroyed sneakers worth Rs 1.42 million. Internet Reacts

See pictures of sneakers here:

Balenciaga’s latest collection has disappointed the internet. The Internet brutally trolls the brand across all social networks. Sentizens were ‘Would you like to wear these?’

The user wrote: “Perfect. My beaten conversation, which went to 916146 festivals, is back in style, “said another user,” Dude, I thought they were dug out of an ancient place or something. “

The sneakers will be available for purchase on their official website worldwide.

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