Alun Wyn criticizes the plan to reduce the region and Pivac will no longer make a mistake for Italy

Alun Wyn criticizes the plan to reduce the region and Pivac will no longer make a mistake for Italy

Here are the latest rugby headlines on Thursday 19 May.

Alun Wyn speaks

Alun Wyn Jones said the recent Welsh proposal to reduce rugby from four to three regions “smells like sorting the balance sheet rather than improving the game.”

The world’s most played rugby player, who was named to the Wales team on Wednesday to compete with South Africa this summer, addressed a proposal in a report by a sports advisory company commissioned by the Professional Rugby Board to examine any further action needed. keep Welsh rugby into the future. Since then, the PRB has seemed to ignore the proposal, which has been one of many, but Jones has yet to reflect on the latest point in the regional bombing debate.

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Last year’s Lions captain, who appeared as a guest on the podiums The Good, The Bad and The Rugby, was asked if the number one sport in Wales was rugby or football. After paying tribute to what his Wales football colleagues have achieved in recent years, Jones said: “I think the appetite is there. [for rugby in Wales].

“I don’t think the quarrels about whether we will have three or four regions and all those kinds of political and … this recent talk about going to the three regions, it smells like to sort out the balance sheet rather than improve the game.

“I think if they got rid of one, these three teams would probably have the same amount of money, these three teams would not have additional funding from the fourth, which is gone.

“Sure, appetite [for rugby] is here. I think the fans need more in terms of performance, but also off the field. “

Asked if he took note of the news about the future of the regions, he said: “I think we have to. As players, this is basically my job security, which is probably as great, if not greater than sport.”

“We had it in 2019, three days before we played with Scotland in the penultimate grand slam match … As international players, you know he will probably take care of you, but there were a lot of players. talks about 180 plus players who are like “what’s going on here now?” If there was a merger, there would be a lot of movement. But they saw the point again. “

Wales will no longer make a mistake for Italy

Wales coach Wayne Pivac has admitted that he will play the full-time Six Nations against Italy next year after beating her for the first time in March.

Pivac made a number of changes to the finals of the tournament, including the start of Alun Wyn Jones despite months without rugby, and fully expected his team to have enough to win the match and secure third place in the tournament. As history always tells us, things didn’t work out the way the Welsh team struggled in a historic defeat at 22:21 at Principality Stadium.

When asked if he would do something different if he had his time again, Pivac replied, “Yes … Yes, I would. Well, I’m sorry, the question has two parts. We believed that what we did would work. Because we got questions answered by certain players, more experience at the test level leading to the World Cup, and yet we got the result and we were third, and then we would tick a lot of boxes.

“For a blade of grass and one or two other things, it didn’t work out, so what do we do next? I imagine if we play with Italy next year in Six Nations, we’ll go as hard as we can.”

The star Pumas remains in Wales

Gonzalo Bertranou agreed on a new treaty and to stay in Wales.

The 28-year-old Argentine national team has played 23 games for the Welsh region since arriving from Jaguares in 2021, and star Los Pumas – who has 36 national team matches – has joined his scrums colleagues Lewis Jones and Rhodri Williams. future for dragons.

“We are pleased that Gonzalo will extend his stay with us,” said Dragons Rugby Director Dean Ryan. “It allows us to play fast and has obviously enjoyed being a dragon and testing in a new competition and environment over the last two seasons. Gonzalo has great ambitions for the next 12 months, both for the dragons and his country, and we will be looking forward to it. what impact it can have with both. “

After signing a new contract, Bertranou said: “I’m really happy to be able to sign again. There is a point in the life of a professional player where you have to decide your future, which direction you go and now it’s up to me to be a dragon. I want to reach out to this team and leave a message in a club that is not in my home country. “

Ashton pursues a coaching career

Chris Ashton plans to extend his playing career for as long as possible before moving on to the coaching role and developing the finishing skills of new potential players.

A month after becoming the top scorer in the competition’s history, Ashton agreed on a new one-season contract with Gallagher Premiership leader Leicester.

Even at the age of 35, the double-code international is one of the cruelest wings of English rugby and believes it has a lot to offer in shaping the careers of the young top three players.

“I will play for as long as I can,” he said. “I have another year to prolong it a bit, but the more it goes on, I definitely think the rugby environment is right for me. I don’t think doing the office 9-5 suit soon!

“I’ve been discussing and thinking about it lately. I’d like to help the extreme and back players find a way to become better finishers and get on the ball and score. I think there’s a gap in the market.” for me.

“As you get older, you understand and think about why you find yourself in certain situations. Many of them just don’t happen.

“There’s talent in it, but it’s not instinctive, you’re reading the game and you’re ahead, and I hope I can pass some of it on. It takes a while to understand how to get into the situation.” Just be instinctive and be ahead of the game, read it before it happens. ”


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