Aldi has excited shoppers with its new SpecialBuy

Aldi customers say this GBP 12 Foreo cleaning tool is a ‘game change’

Improve your skin care game with this incredible Foreo scammer from Aldi who pisses shoppers

Aldi thrilled shoppers with her new SpecialBuy

When it comes to imitating beauty, no one does better than Aldi. Over the years, this affordable supermarket has attracted the attention of beauty lovers – it has launched skin care, makeup and even fragrances that look and smell just like their luxury counterparts.

And this month, Aldi stunned shoppers again when she launched a brand new line of skin cleansers that look very similar to the FOREO LUNA mini 3 Facial Cleansing Brush, here for £ 139.

The supermarket has released three different versions of its silicone skin cleanser for £ 11.99 – one for normal, sensitive and combination skin.

The skin cleanser has two sides; one for cleansing and the other for massage.

Cleanser for normal skin, £ 11.99

  • Silicone vibrating face cleanser
  • Ideal for normal skin type
  • 3 buttons: on / off, plus and minus
  • One side for cleaning
  • One side for massage
  • 14 Intensity levels
  • Memory function since last use
  • Extra bristle area for nose cleaning
  • IPX protection 6
  • Up to 6 hours of operation
  • Automatic shutdown after 15 minutes

Shoppers who left reviews on the Aldi website quickly compared Aldi FOREO’s dupe with his more expensive counterpart and called him a “game change.”

One customer who left a five-star review said: “It’s a great product and has excellent value for money. I’m so glad Aldi has it because it stopped me from buying much more expensive from elsewhere, honestly, this product is fantastic. Great Aldi! “

The other said, “I bought 3, one for myself, one for my daughter, and one for my granddaughter. Absolutely brilliant purchase. It will make your skin so soft, smooth and clean. ”

With the third comment: “A beautiful little facial cleanser. I was looking at a silicone Foreo cleaner and this is its dupe version. It is designed for sensitive skin and has various settings for intensive cleansing. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth. “

“I apply a cleanser on my face and then I use a cleanser that offers small vibrations that help cleanse my skin and support blood flow to my face. I use it at the lowest setting to make sure it’s not too rough on the skin. It comes with a charging cable that is perfect rather than using batteries. The result is super soft and thoroughly cleansed skin! I love it!”

Each waterproof device has 14 different levels of intensity: high-frequency pulses allow the removal of dirt, grease and makeup residues, while low-frequency pulses increase blood circulation in areas prone to wrinkles.

The silicone vibrating face cleanser lasts up to six hours, has a memory function since the last function and an extra bristle area for cleaning the nose.

Aldi’s Normal Skin Facial Cleanser costs £ 11.99 and is now available online. You can buy a special purchase here.

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