A mother who transferred £ 13 million from home shares an "incredible" journey from "very few"

A mother who transferred £ 13 million from home shares an “incredible” journey from “very few”

Mrs. Jones had just recovered from a long-term relationship when she realized she was pregnant with her now 10-year-old son and was determined to give him an amazing life. After ten years, Mrs Jones’s CoE is in 150 different countries with more than a thousand courses and a turnover of almost £ 13 million.

Ms. Jones started her first venture at the age of 18 instead of going to university, in a classroom training company that specializes in neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy.

While life went a little as planned, the 39-year-old Macclesfield woman found herself single, pregnant, and struggling to keep up with the bills.

The father decided not to take care of his child and let Mrs. Jones find a way to support herself and her son while trying to find a way she could work from home as soon as she arrived.

She shared: “Although it was a shock, even as a single mother, I was determined to make a wonderful life for him. I wanted to be able to work from home so I could spend as much time with my son as possible.

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“I have seen the market opportunity to create affordable and affordable training courses for everyone that can be studied online from anywhere in the world. I started by turning the NLP and hypnotherapy courses I taught into online courses, then I found experts in various fields who helped me create other subjects for our courses.

“At first it was very depressing to start a business as a single mother, but my main goal was always to create a happy and stable life for my son, so it was always my motivation to overcome my fears and continue.”

The Center of Excellence was created in 2012 with a limited budget, which forced Ms. Jones to think right away to keep costs low.

She explained: “I contacted my local university and asked two technology students for help to design and create a simple website for me. They did the job for free in exchange for a great reference that they could use in their resume.


“Then I found a company that places international students looking for work experience in small businesses and helps them with any role from marketing to administrator, again for free. The students were looking for valuable experiences that would help them gain a future career. ”

Ms. Jones revealed that during this time she “could afford my rent every month” and did not invest money in her start-up simply because she didn’t have one.

Regardless of her financial problems, she set her first course live on Groupon and reinvested all rapidly growing sales to 80 countries in just three years.

The Center of Excellence’s last turn was now just under £ 13 million after 10 years of working remotely and raising its children.

Since starting the company, Ms. Jones has had three more children, noting that “running a business and children has been a lot of hard work and commitment,” but it has given her the flexibility to be there for her children, the freedom to travel and work online. .

Mrs. Jones and her family even lived in Bali for a year: “I could work from our bamboo house in the jungle, high above the coconut trees, and experience the most magical experience immersed in a new culture.

“My son went there to the Green School, which is known for holistic education, and my online business allowed us to experience a completely different way of life.”

Not only has she been able to provide everything she hoped for to her growing family, but Mrs. Jones really loves what she does and notices how anyone could potentially change their lives through the courses on offer.

She said: “I love seeing our customers learn new skills and improve their lives. The stories are so warm from people around the world and it’s always incredible to see their self-confidence improve, shape new lives and be part of their journey.

“The world is changing so much today with the introduction of new technologies and artificial intelligence that in the future many jobs will be replaced by new technologies and even robots! So I think we will see more and more people looking for new ways to make money either on the side or to devote themselves to it full time.

“E-learning is so accessible and affordable today that anyone can improve from anywhere in the world if they have access to the Internet, whether on their laptop or even on the phone. So there has never been an easier way for anyone who wants to change careers or build their own hustle and bustle. ”

She concluded, “It’s been an incredible 10 years full of ups and downs and lots of lessons.”

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