A drunken surprise when a pub kicks up customers for using mobile phones

A drunken surprise when a pub kicks up customers for using mobile phones

Drinkers remained surprised after a chain of pubs forced a strict warning against the ban on mobile phones. One customer took a picture of a dusty sign displayed at Samuel Smiths Old Brewery in Tadcaster.

According to the sign, everyone who uses any technology will be asked to leave. This includes calling or texting or using the Internet, according to the Daily Star.

And after the surprised drinker posted the announcement on social media, others quickly said it wasn’t a joke. And several confirmed that they had fired them for texting their friends.

The picture was published on Reddit. He could see two pieces of laminated paper with a printed note.

One of the papers warned the drinkers that the brewery had a strict swearing policy. The second was about the use of technology.

The first was: “We want to inform our customers that we have implemented a zero-tolerance policy against swearing in all our inns. It offends customers and does not create the environment we would like in our inns, ”the explanation concludes, saying“ please respect these principles ”in capital letters.

The second warning states to customers: “The use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops to make and receive calls, stream text messages and general viewing is strictly prohibited in these areas.

“Failure to comply with the company’s policies will result in a denial of service and a request to leave the premises. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.” It was concluded by Samuel Smiths Old Brewery (Tadcaster)

The Samuel Smith Pubs, owned by Humphrey Smith, are known for their bizarre policies and operate over 200 pubs, mostly in the north of England. The pub chain’s website describes itself as a “perfect pub” and cites George Orwell’s 1945 essay “Moon Underwater,” which states that their pubs describe Orwell’s ideal pub.

Reddit users quickly shared their views, with some saying they had visited some of the branches where the rules are enforced. Others claimed it was real politics.

Man ThatsDan wrote, “I can confirm he did it in Hull. I was at one of their pubs in Chester and I was fired for texting a friend.” And Joshlikescheese said, “My school had a tradition of going there the last day, I think we did a pint before we threw it all away and went for a spoon.”

And Left-Steak2819 commented, “Don’t forget Sam Smiths’ other rules, like: No Smiling, Don’t be happy. Don’t complain about the prize. No hipsters. No pets. No positive conversations.”

Bee_administrator added, “So no swearing or cell phones? Has this person ever visited Britain, even for an hour?”

Samuel Smiths has previously confirmed this policy. As early as 2019, she claimed that there would be no televisions, music or other electronic devices on their premises.

They said measures were put in place to ensure that the brewery maintained a “traditional, uncompromising Victorian aesthetic” while maintaining the notion that “pubs are for social conversation between people.”

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