7 tricks to make your phone last as long as possible

7 tricks to make your phone last as long as possible

We understand: The iPhone 13, Samsung S22 Ultra and Pixel 6 They are tempting to upgrade, but they will cost you a nice penny. In fact, the lowest Pixel 6 price is around $ 600 and the highest Samsung model costs you more than $ 1,000. Knowing that the price of new phones is rising, the longer life of your existing smartphone can save you a lot of money in the long run.

You don’t even have to be technically proficient to extend the life of your phone with these tips. They are all relatively easy to follow and you can start changing your habits today to extend the life of your phone.

Whether you’ve just upgraded your phone or are thinking about it, we’ll show you how to keep your phone in perfect condition with a few quick and easy tricks. For more, get The latest rumors about Google Pixel smart watches and learn to take better selfie with your iPhone.

Do not skip application updates. They are important

To keep your phone running as fast and smoothly as possible, it’s important to update your third-party operating system and applications as soon as they’re released. These updates don’t take long, and the benefits can be huge: From bug fixes and security issues to changes that bring new features and improve overall performance, so your device runs smoother and faster.

Android and iPhone both offer automatic application updates, which should be enabled by default. You can check your Android phone by opening the Play Store, sliding out the menu on the left side of the screen, tap Settings, and verify Automatically update applications the option is selected. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > App Store and make sure Application updates the option is in the On position. However, this feature will not work in low power mode.

For system updates on your Android phone, you can check for updates by opening Settings applications and search Software update. Or you can wait for the phone to notify you that it is waiting for an update, then follow the instructions. Google releases security updates for Android around the first day of each month, so checking in the middle of the month to see if your phone has an update is not a bad habit.

As for iPhone owners, you have the option to allow your phone to automatically install any new updates. Don’t worry, your phone won’t download updates and won’t install for a few minutes after they come out. Instead, your phone downloads the update a day or two after it is released, and then schedules the installation for the next overnight charge. To install the update or turn on automatic updates, go to Settings > General > Software update. If an update is available, follow the instructions to install it. If not, tap Automatic updates to turn them on or off.

Change the order of applications on the iPhone with the Reddit application selected

Deleting applications will free up valuable storage.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

Deleting applications can help revive a slow phone

Phones have a limited amount of storage and memory, so it’s important to keep the number of unused applications to a minimum. By regularly deleting applications that you do not use, you save storage space on your phone and prevent applications from running in the background, using scarce resources and making your phone slower and closer to the end of its life than it actually is.

Browse the app drawer or home screen to remove any apps you’ve installed at any time for any reason but never used. Deleting apps on the iPhone is easy – just press and hold until the application is selected. A drop-down menu appears next to the application icon. Just choose Remove the application. You will then be able to remove the application from your phone or remove it from the home screen.

Android users have several other options but you can do the same: Long press, select “i” that appears for application information, and then select Uninstall.

Now set up a monthly calendar entry called “Delete unused apps” to remind you to do this regularly.

three phone cases lying next to each other

A good case will do a lot to extend the life of your phone.

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And most importantly, get a good case

Like your phone? Why not? put a case on it? Look, I get it. Even the thinnest cover is too much for a phone purist. And it’s nice to see the phone as it was designed, rather than a bulky plastic case.

However, a smart choice is to cover your phone in protective packaging not to break when it inevitably falls. Paying for an expensive screen repair or swiping through a web of cracks will make you dream of buying a new phone – or at least lamenting that you didn’t get a case.

You don’t have to reach for the most expensive case, but having something on your phone will definitely help extend its life. Not to mention that using a case means that your phone will stay in its original condition and probably will higher sales value when it comes time to upgrade.

Keep the screen and ports clean

Using a phone full of grease and dirt is not something any of us would want to do. But a phone that’s clean and shiny is something we can all feel good about, especially if it means dust and garbage don’t hinder how it works.

Even if you use the case, take a few minutes once to clean any dirt or debris in the charging port, microphone area, speaker grille, and headphone jack, if your phone has one. You can use a toothpick to get there and lure anything out.

And what about the screen, hips and back? Clorox wipes work well, even on an iPhone screen (if not cracked). We have more tips and tricks on how to keep your phone clean – This will go a long way to reliable performance, clearer images of the camera (without smudges of fingers) and the phone you really want to use.

iPhone lying on a table with a latte

There are a lot of myths about batteries.

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Avoid overworking and overheating the phone battery

There are several myths that relate to your phone’s battery and maintaining its health. We recently he looked at a few myths about batteries and revealed the truth about each of them.

For example, fast charging will not damage the battery in the slightest, but the normal discharge of the phone to zero will.

Your phone will also last longer if you do not expose the device to situations where the battery may overheat, such as when you leave it in direct sunlight while sitting outside on a hot day. If it gets too hot, it will turn itself off, but this will strain the battery, which could contribute to a shorter overall life.

Start taking care of your phone’s battery the day you unpack your phone and you’ll see that it pays off when the battery is charged for a year or two.

Replace the broken battery instead of the phone

Even if you did everything according to the book, you can still find that you are dealing with a battery that simply refuses to keep charged over time. Instead of replacing the whole phone, try replacing the battery.

This simple and cost-effective maintenance can often add several more months or even years of service life of your phone. It would be easier if most phones still made with removable batteries as in the good old days, but instead most phones come with built-in batteries that cannot be replaced without disassembling the phone.

If you are technically proficient and brave enough, you can buy a DIY kit from iFixit to replace the batteries for Android or iPhone. The set includes all the tools you will need, plus a new battery.

Alternatively, iPhone users can make an appointment at the Apple Store, or Android users can take advantage of a certified third-party fix, such as uBreakiFix. You will need to call your nearest store for a battery replacement quote, as the company does not list prices directly on its website.

Bonus tip: Back up your phone regularly

Backing up your phone’s data won’t extend your phone’s life, but it will mean that when it’s time to say goodbye to your phone, all your contacts, photos, videos, and custom settings will be ready to make the leap so you don’t have to start over.

Own an iPhone? Double-check that iCloud backup is turned on by opening it Settings application. Next, tap iCloud > ICloud backup and make sure the switch is in the on position.

The process for Android owners will vary depending on who makes your device, but in general you can open it Settings application, and then go to Google > Deposit. Some device manufacturers, such as Samsung, offer their own backup service in addition to Google services. The easiest way to find your device’s automatic cloud backup service is to open it Settings and use the search box at the top to find “backup.”

Now that you know how to keep your phone running for the future, take a few minutes learn about the hidden features of Android or, if you use iOS, hidden features of iPhone. And here’s how to do it Sell ​​your phone for as much money as possible.

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